Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Guitar - New !

Yamaha APX600 Thinline Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar
January 3, 2018 - Yamaha Corp. of America recently announced the Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Electric Guitar as the replacement for the current model, APX500III.

As the successor to the best selling APX500III series, the APX600 continues the thin-body style that began with the original APX500. Features include: System 65A preamp with on-board tuner, Spruce top, Nato back and sides, die-cast tuners and Yamaha's famous fit, finish, and build quality.

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New! Yamaha FG820L Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG820L Left Hand Acoustic Guitar
The new Yamaha FG820L left hand guitar is the replacement for the current FG720L guitar. It's an affordable solid top acoustic guitar for the left handed player.

It features deluxe die-cast tuners, a solid sitka spruce top, and a rosewood fingerboard. The FG820L acoustic guitar is an intermediate instrument, and is built for the guitarist who has been playing awhile and wants to move up from a beginning instrument. The tone and playability should suit . . .continue reading

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New! BOSS Waza 150 Watt Amp Head

The BOSS Waza Amp Head is a rugged 150-watt amp born of the same innovative spirit used in pursuit of the ideal rock sound from the beginning of the rock era. The Waza Amp Head and companion cabinets are rooted in the long history of rock amp development and offer the original sound of the very first rock stack amp. In addition, consistent with the evolution of the ideal rock sound, the BOSS engineers have also discovered their own interpretation, which is called the “Waza Brown Sound.” While the Waza Amp Head was born in the spirit of historic innovation, it offers expressiveness ranging from vintage to Waza Brown with modern expandability and reliability. BOSS breaks new ground in the amp market to realize the ideal rock sound.

  • Inherited spirit from historical masters to BOSS Waza craftsmanship evolved into a 150-watt amp head with the ideal rock sound for gigging
  • Amplifier selector knob for amp character variation: the legendary rock tone in the Internal position, the “Waza Brown Sound” in the Amplifier A position as a pre-installed Tone Capsule, and one more empty socket for the future expansion.
  • Four switchable channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead 1, and Lead 2) for each amplifier character
  • Composed of a 3U rack-mountable unit and a dedicated wooden head-cabinet
  • Reliable, maintenance-free 150-watt solid-state power amp designed with discrete circuitry
  • Four-way Power Control (1 W, 50 W, 100 W, Max) allows for sweet power tube distortion at any volume
  • Modern expandability for various situations with EFX loops, line out with Air Feel control function, foot controller, and more
  • 4 x 12” and 2 x 12” matching cabinets available, perfectly designed for maximum compatibility

New! BOSS VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato Pedal

The original BOSS VB-2 Vibrato pedal debuted in 1982, but has been rediscovered by today's players looking to create unique guitar textures with guitar effects. Thanks to its expressive, one-of-a-kind sound, this rare pedal has gone on to become one of the most valuable BOSS effects in the vintage market. 

Today however, the progressive spirit of the VB-2 has been reborn as the Waza Craft VB-2W. Using all-analog circuitry, the VB-2W authentically reproduces the true pitch-shifted vibrato of the original pedal, and also adds an innovative new vibrato mode and real-time control function for enhanced expression.

  • Premium edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience
  • Custom mode features a totally new vibrato sound with unique filter wave
  • Standard mode provides a true reproduction of the vintage VB-2 Vibrato sound
  • All-analog circuit with BBD (bucket brigade) vibrato line
  • Control the effect depth in real time with an optional expression pedal
  • Rise Time knob to control the initial onset of the vibrato effect
  • Unlatch mode activates the effect only while pressing the pedal, ideal for adding vibrato to specific notes and chords
  • Bypass mode takes the BBD out of the signal path to eliminate latency when the effect is off
  • BOSS five-year warranty


PRS SE Angelus A30E Acoustic Electric

The new PRS SE A30E Angelus is one of two new additions to the very popular PRS SE Angelus acoustic guitar series.

The high-quality components in the SA A30E include a solid spruce top with Rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, bone nut and saddle, and PRS designed tuners. The PRS trademark bird inlays and headstock design complete . . . continue reading


Alvarez Regent RD26 Acoustic Guitar With Bag

The Alvarez RD26 acoustic guitar has been designed to deliver outstanding tone, response and playability. It features a scalloped bracing system that delivers the best sound available from laminated top construction.

Advanced production techniques are used to . . . continue reading

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PRS SE A20E Acoustic Electric Guitar - New!

The new PRS SE A20E Angelus is the latest addition to the very popular PRS SE acoustic guitar series.

It features the 15.5” Angelus Cutaway body shape and the x-brace/classical hybrid top-bracing design found on PRS’s USA-made acoustic guitar line. The Angelus Cutaway body shape is both aesthetically pleasing and provides easy access to the upper frets.

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Yamaha APX500IIINT Acoustic Electric Guitar
with Gear Buddy Accessory Bundle - $319.95!

Andy's Gear Buddy Essentials Bundle includes:
  • Yamaha APX500IIINT Acoustic Electric Guitar - See details below.
  • Hard Shell Case - The Gear Buddy GBAHC2 Acoustic Guitar Case is a travel-ready hard case featuring 4 tough latches, a durable vinyl covering, and plush interior with accessory compartment.
  • Guitar Capo - The Gear Buddy GB21 Quick Change Trigger Capo allows you to make easy, one-handed key changes while focusing on the music instead of your gear.
  • Instrument Cable - ProFormance PRP10 10-foot long instrument cable with hot shrink protected 1/4" connectors. Made in the USA.
  • Picks - An assortment of 6 Andy's picks will get you started for hours of playing on the couch or on the stage. Color and thickness may vary.
  • Strings - This full set of Accuwound AC012AL replacement strings sound great and produce full, deep lows and shining highs.  Made it the USA. Includes a bonus high E string!
  • 12 Point Quality Inspection - Andy’s guitar pro’s inspect your instrument from top to bottom and ensure your new guitar is set up to be fun, enjoyable, and ready to play. A $25.00 value!

The Yamaha APX500IIINT acoustic electric cutaway guitar is the updated version of the APX500II. The update includes the System 66 piezo pickup and preamp, and a longer string length.

As of this writing, the Yamaha APX500 is the most popular acoustic electric guitar in the U.S.! That popularity is due, in part, to at least two factors: 1) Yamaha's reputation for manufacturing excellent quality products, and 2) making these products affordable to almost everyone. The APX500III is the most affordable guitar in the APX series, and features a spruce top with Nato back and sides.

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Blackstar HT Club 40 - 6 Months To Pay WAP

The Blackstar HT Club 40 guitar amp is a versatile 2 channel combo amplifier suited to a wide range of playing styles and gigs. It features the patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control which shifts the response of the three control tone stack between a US type response at one end, and at the other a UK type response.

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New! Roland CUBE GX Amps

The all-new Roland CUBE-GX guitar amp series turns up the heat by building on the top-level tone and rock-solid reliability that’s made the CUBE name famous. New models include: CUBE-10GX, CUBE 20-GX, 40GX, and 80GX, and Micro Cube GX.

Don't let the small size fool you, the CUBE GX amps are potent tone machines with features and performance that easily make it the best value in its class. Features include versatile operation and connectivity for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch,  and the new i-CUBE LINK turns the CUBE GX into a powerhouse for practice and mobile recording, providing a simple on board audio interface for working with music apps on your favorite iOS devices.

The new Roland CUBE-GX amps will be available in September from www.AndysMusic.com. For additional information call Andy's Music at 251-633-8944.

  • New custom-designed speakers
  • 3 channels: JC CLEAN, LEAD (six different types), and SOLO
  • SOLO channel is fully programmable, allowing you to save and recall JC CLEAN or LEAD sound type plus EQ and effects settings
  • Three independent effects sections: EFX (five types), DELAY, and REVERB
  • Hands-free channel switching with optional BOSS FS-5U or FS-6 footswitches
  • i-CUBE LINK jack provides simple audio interfacing with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (interface cable included)
  • Free CUBE JAM app for iOS plays songs and minus-one jam tracks, and lets you record the CUBE-20GX’s tones along with music playback
  • Three-band EQ; built-in chromatic/manual tuner
  • RECORDING OUT/PHONES jack for silent practice and direct recording


New! Peavey VIP Modeling Amplifiers

Introducing the Peavey VYPYR V.I.P. modeling amps, the world's first amp that contains Bass guitar, Acoustic guitar and Electric guitar amplifier models. For the first time ever, a single amp can provide amplification for a variety of instrument types.

Check them out here: http://bit.ly/1b1z99s


Breedlove Studio C250/SFe Acoustic Electric

The Breedlove Studio C250/SFe-Burst is an acoustic electric Concert body guitar, finished with a high gloss and aged toner. It is optimized for song writing, recording, and live stage performances and is part of the Breedlove Atlas Series.


Peavey AT200 Auto Tune Guitar

What do you get when you combine a little imagination and creativity with magic and elbow grease? The Peavey AT-200 Auto-Tune guitar!

What is the AT-200? It is a new electric guitar that electronically self-tunes and intonates itself continuously as you play. With one simple push you can now create music in perfect tune and pitch. You can even switch into alternate tunings instantly like Drop D, Open G, Baritone and more, simply by adjusting your finger positions while engaging the Auto-Tune feature. Sounds like magic!

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BOSS eBand JS-10 Audio Player With Effects

The BOSS JS-10 eBand is a new-Generation Jam Band that let's you easily change the tempo (speed) and key signature of the songs or licks you're learning, and still maintain a high-quality sound. You can also loop and repeat sections of a song, and slow down the fast parts to analyze, learn, and play along.

With the eBand JS10, you can jam to a great variety of onboard song tracks, audio loops, and you can even add your own favorite songs via USB or SD media. It's compact and travel friendly, and features an innovative onboard 2.1 speaker system with full-frequency sound.

If you have Paul Gilbert's technique and ear, you don't need the BOSS eBand JS-10, but if you're like the rest of us, you do.

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Wechter Pathmaker Deluxe Thinline
Acoustic Electric

Whether you're plugged in or playing acoustically, the Wechter Pathmaker PM-3140TE Deluxe Thinline acoustic electric guitar is designed from the ground up to give you excellent playing feel and great tone.

The unique double cutaway design of the Pathmaker gives you ample access to the upper frets, without sacrificing tone or structural integrity, and it's perfect for live performance or songwriting sessions.

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Peavey Amps At The Queens' Diamond Jubilee

Peavey Classic 30 1x12 Tweed Guitar Amp

London - Peavey, the U.S. manufacturer of pro audio equipment, guitar amps, and other musical gear, provided a full line of Peavey Classic Series guitar amplifiers for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Concert. The concert was outside Buckingham Palace in London and the featured performers were Sir Paul McCartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Sir Cliff Richard.

Guitar tech Steve Prior brought four Classic 50/410 guitar amps, plus some Classic 50/212 amps and a Delta Blues, for the six guest guitarists who performed during the event. Prior revealed that the responsive EQ on the Classic 50 amps was a major advantage for the guitarists, who had to cover a wide variety of musical styles.

“Any tube amp needs to be driven hard, and the Classic 50 comes in a fantastic format as it’s a dual-channel amp, which means you can really control it sonically,” said Prior. “You can balance things up, even with six different guitarists.”

Prior said that the guitarists for Cliff Richard, Tom Jones and Annie Lennox all plugged into either the Classic 50/410 or Classic 50/212 amps.

For additional information on Peavey guitar amplifiers, visit www.AndysMusic.com.

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Wechter PM-7310 Electric Guitar

Wechter Pathmaker PM-7310

The Wechter Pathmaker PM7310 electric guitar offers a lot of bang for the buck. Specifically, you get a boutique quality guitar, with hard case, at a very affordable price.

The Wechter PM-7310 electric guitar features many things that make a great guitar, including a carved alder body, 24 fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and loud and proud Wechter humbucking pickups with the Seymour Duncan "Triple Shot" mounting rings.

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Roland VE-5 Vocal Performer

The Roland VE-5 Vocal Performer is a compact and mobile personal effects processor and looper for vocalists. The VE-5 is perfect for singers, rappers, beat boxers, webcasters, and anyone that wants to have fun with processing vocal sounds. It features a simple-to-use tabletop design that can be easily attached to a mic stand for performing.

Its physical design is small and light, yet its effects are heavyweight class, derived from the popular VE-20 Vocal Performer. With battery operation and built-in phrase looping, the VE-5 is also an ideal tool for street performers who want to bring a new dimension of creativity to their act.

  • Roland VE5 Features:
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Six types of high-quality vocal effects inherited from the VE-20 – Reverb, Delay, Double/Harmony, Dynamics, Pitch Correct, and Tone/SFX
  • Phrase Looper adds impact to real-time vocal performances, including harmonizing and layered beat boxing
  • Favorite Sound function provides immediate access to preferred sounds
  • Ideal for live performance, as well as tabletop setups; mic-stand mount included
  • Internal microphone for instant gratification
  • Aux input for blending external music
  • Battery operation for street performance (AC adapter sold separately)
  • Also available in white


PRS SE Angelus Acoustic Guitar

PRS SE Angelus Custom Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Player Magazine selected the PRS SE Angelus acoustic guitar as one of their "Best Guitar Products" for 2012.

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New THR10 - THR5 Desktop Amplifiers From Yamaha

The new Yamaha THR series of desktop guitar amps is the first amplifier designed to accommodate how you play off-stage. Conventional guitar amps work great on stage at loud volumes, but what about everywhere else you play? Most amps are just small versions of stage amps and can't give you what you need at home or in the studio - great tone at low volume!

The THR10 has everything you need: great tones that push amp modeling to a new level, recreating the exact response and experience of playing a tube amp; ultra-realistic reverbs and effects; and true hi-fi quality stereo audio playback that no guitar amp can get close to - all wrapped up in a package designed to mirror how you really play off-stage.

The THR5 is like the 10, but has 5 amp types, no USB (according to the specs.), but has the same 10 watt output.

You have your big amp that sounds great cranked up to 11. Maybe you have your practical, smaller amp for rehearsals and smaller shows. Now you have the perfect third amp. The amp for everything else - Yamaha THR.


New Q3HD ZOOM Video Recorder

With the Zoom Q3HD, it’s easy to shoot great videos. Select 720p or 1080p for amazing clarity and detail no matter where or what you’re shooting. It also includes two standard definition (SD) formats for those times when a smaller file size is needed.

The Q3HD has a new lens and imaging sensor, and captures exceptionally clean video that is compressed with the high quality H.264 video codec. It also has a larger aperture, which lets more light into your movies. And with its 4x digital zoom, the Q3HD gets you closer to the action.
ZOOM Q3HD Handy Video Recorder

The Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder takes Zoom’s renowned audio technology and combines it with HD video, allowing you to capture every moment with stunning clarity and resolution. Zoom brought unrivaled stereo sound to your movies with the Q3 Handy Video Recorder. Now, with the Q3HD, there's only one handheld camcorder that does it all in 1080p.

For more information on Zoom recorders, visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com, or call Andy's Music at 251-633-8944.

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New Roland Cube XL15 Guitar Amp

Roland has recently announced the new Cube 15XL guitar amp with new ultra-heavey COSM amp models and effects.

From crystal clean to crushing metal, the Cube-XL15 provides a mouth-watering menu of COSM amps and effects, including the massive Extreme, and Metal Zone. The Cube 15XL guitar amp has switchable Lead and Clean channels, four authentic BOSS effects and much more.

Other important features of the Cube XL15 are:

  • 15-watt guitar amp with 8” high-performance speaker
  • Two channels: independent Clean and Lead
  • Four authentic BOSS Lead tones, including METAL ZONE plus new EXTREME
  • Power Squeezer for full gain at low volume
  • AUX IN jack to connect portable music players
Roland also announced three other new Cube XL guitar amps, the CUBE-20XL, CUBE-40XL, and CUBE-80XL.

For information on Roland Cube XL guitar amps and other products, visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com, or call Andy's Music at 251-633-8944.

New BOSS ST2 Power Stack Guitar Effects Pedal

The BOSS ST-2 Power Stack guitar effects pedal delivers famous BOSS distortion with a stunning amount of power that’s akin to coveted tube amps and professional amp stacks - from fat crunch to ultra high-gain distortion.

The ST2 SOUND knob simultaneously blends gain amount and sound character, so you can quickly dial up anything from vintage crunch and punchy drive to full-assault distortion. To add further detail to your tone, simply tweak the onboard two-band EQ to taste. The BOSS ST-2 is one very unique distortion pedal, calling on BOSS’ years of amp-modeling research to bring you real stack sounds in a compact stompbox.

  • Original distortion sound reminiscent of tube-based stack amplifiers
  • Provides a wide range of tones, from vintage crunch to ultra high-gain modern distortion
  • Faithful and accurate response to picking nuances and volume changes
  • SOUND knob controls both gain level and sound character
  • Two-band EQ with dedicated BASS and TREBLE knobs
  • Road-tough BOSS construction

For more information on BOSS pedals, visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com, or call Andy's Music at 251-633-8944.


New! Fender G-DEC Guitar Amplifiers

The new Fender G-DEC 3 guitar amp is like no other guitar amp you’ve ever experienced! It can be easily configured as an "all rock," "all metal," "all blues," or "all country," guitar amp. It's personally tailored to your own musical tastes.

The G-DEC 3's wealth of backing tracks consist not of generic presets and loops, but of a stylistically diverse variety of tracks created specially for Fender by top rock, blues, metal and country artists and session players.

The G-DEC 3 is a practice amp and jamming partner, but it’s also an invitation to make what will truly be your music. It’s your key to countless hours of fun creating your own sonic sculptures and personal presets. It’s your key to musical growth, because as your skill increases, as your tastes evolve and as your musical moods change, your Fender G-DEC 3 will accompany you every step of the way.

Fender G-DEC 3 guitar amps are available from www.AndysMusicOnline.com.


Yamaha FG700S - Great Sound, Bargain Priced!

Everybody wants to get the most bang for their buck, and guitarist are no exception. If there's a deal to be had, they'll find. Well you needn't look further, you've struck gold!

To say that the Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar is a bargain, is an understatement. This is one of our best selling guitars at Andy's Music, and there's no secret as to why! It sounds great and costs little - $199.00. When you consider the quality of woods, and the quality of manufacture, the FG700S could sell for much, much more. After all, it is a handmade guitar.

Our Uncle Andy has been in the Yamaha factory that makes this instrument, and has seen first-hand the TLC Yamaha luthiers put into this guitar. If you like, take a look at this short Yamaha Guitar Factory video for a glimpse at the guitar making process.

What's the moral of this story? If you want to buy a great sounding Yamaha six string acoustic guitar with your lunch money, get the FG700S!


An Exceptional Value - Yamaha FX325HC Acoustic Electric

The Yamaha FX325HC acoustic electric guitar is so affordable and well-made, it's almost too good to be true. Think about this: you get a name brand (read well made) guitar, with active electronics and a hard case for just $219.99. Is that not a bargain?

Yamaha FX325HC Acoustic ElectricThe FX325HC offers the same focus on quality, design and sound as all Yamaha acoustic guitars, and is one of the best values available in a well-made acoustic electric guitar with active circuitry.

It is constructed of select tone woods and stable, reliable hardware. It also features a spruce top, and NATO back and sides to give a well balanced tone which is both bright and responsive.

The active circuitry in the FX325HC consists of the System 53 active preamp with a piezoelectric pickup. The preamp includes bass and treble tone controls, plus a gain control for flexible sound shaping. A battery check switch and indicator are also included.

If you've been wanting an affordable and well made acoustic electric guitar, this is it. Call uncle Andy and ask for some "freebies"; he has a hard time saying no to a customer!

Andy's Music - 800-584-3434.


Free Yamaha PA Clinic Helps Solve Your Problems!

Have you ever had sound system problems like unintelligible speech, feedback, or low volume? Do you need a new sound system or help with your current system? Well, if you answered yes to these questions, Andy's Music can help!

Andy's Music (Mobile, AL), is hosting a free PA clinic on Tuesday evening February 23, 2010, at 7:00 PM. This seminar is for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of sound systems or improving their effectiveness and understanding of sound system operation.

Each participant will receive a free Yamaha "Exploring Sound Reinforcement" DVD (a $50 value), and can register to win the drawing for a Yamaha C24 Pocketrak Recorder - a $199.00 value.

Topics include: system components and connections, signal flow, correct use of cables and connectors, system placement, equalizing a room, and much more. Seating is limited, so reserve your space today by emailing james@andysmusiconline.com, or calling us at 251-633-8944.

This free PA clinic is sponsored by Yamaha. The presenter is John Schauer, a 19-year veterean of Yamaha Corporation of America. John has more than 25 years of professional audio experience, and his ability to explain complex theories and other hard-to-understand topics by breaking them down into easy to follow terms makes his seminars both educational and entertaining.

John has worked with many professional sound companies, and assembled sound systems to provide support at all levels, from simple speech applications to 60-channel, 24,000 watt concert systems. John has provided audio for television, corporate, theatrical, and concert events and provides audio support for all of Yamaha’s corporate functions.

In his current role as product manager, John has been instrumental in developing products that the professional audio market requires. Recently, he was the executive producer for Yamaha’s Exploring Sound Reinforcement DVD, a 2+ hour in-depth explanation of sound systems.

Mark your calender and make plans for an informative and entertaining evening February 23, 7:00 PM, at Andy's Music, 1412 Hillcrest Rd., Mobile, AL 36695.


New Fender American Special Guitars

Fender Guitar

Fender has recently announced three new American Series electric guitars: the American Special Stratocaster, Strat HSS, and Telecaster.

The new Fender American Special Telecaster electric guitar has a Maple neck, brass bridge saddles and classic black pickguard that make for a distinctively cool look. It delivers that sharp, spanking Tele tone provided by the Texas Special pickups and the famous Greasebucket tone circuit.

The new Fender American Special Stratocaster is the newest version of the world’s most popular electric guitar, and delivers that classic and timeless Strat tone provided by Fender's best-selling Texas Special™ pickups. The American Special Stratocaster HSS , in addition to the two iconic Texas Special single-coil pickups, features a humbucking bridge pickup for that added boost of power and roar.

All three of the new Fender American Special guitars are made in the U.S., and come with a deluxe gig bag. For more information on these new American made Fender electric guitars, call Andy's Music at 251-633-8944, or visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com.


Tascam PT-7 Tuner, Metronome, and Recorder

Tascam PT7

The Tascam PT-7 is a unique tool enabling musicians to comfortably practice singing or playing variable-pitch instruments in order to improve their intonation. It combines a high-speed chromatic tuner with metronome and a digital audio recorder to capture a training session and review the results. The detected pitch is displayed on a large LC display during recording or playback. Or the unit can be used without the recording feature as a metronome or as a simple but fast tuner.

With the PT-7, you can instantly record about 20 minutes of your training session in high quality. Watch your intonation directly on the display while recording your performance or while playing back what you just recorded. You can even play back your performance with corrected pitch according to the selected scale! Use the internal loudspeaker for playback or use your own amplifier or headphones and activate the Loop and VSA functions to further examine your performance.

The tuner section offers nine musical scales with calibration while the metronome is able to play from 30 to 300 bpm in one of six time signatures. Tempo can also be set by a tap function and all the settings and readings are clearly visible on the large backlit diplay.

If you want to hone your musical skills to perfection – the Tascam PT7 might be the right tool for you.


Free Guitar Restring

Mike Summers of MusiCorp restings a guitar for Jason Abraham
Andy's Music, Mobile, Alabama, hosted a free guitar and bass restringing session on Saturday, July 11. With the donation of a canned good to benefit the Penelope House, customers received a free restring and setup of their guitar. Both acoustic and electric guitars, as well as basses were restrung during this event.

The event was very successful, with more than 36 guitars restrung and two large boxes filled with food. Penelope House is a non-profit organization established in 1979 by the Daughters of Penelope to help victims of domestic violence regain social and economic independence. The Family Violence Center is the only shelter for battered women and children in Mobile, Alabama, although services currently span across MobileMike McClelland completes a free string and Washington counties in Alabama.

This free guitar restring was sponsored by MusiCorp and Dean Markley strings. We are grateful for their donations and participation, especially to Mike Summers who setup and participated in this event.
Mike Summers of MusiCorp is restring a guitar for Jason Abraham


Promethean Amplifiers by Ibanez

The new Ibanez Promethean amplifiers deliver power, portability and high fidelity, and are boldly creative and defiantly original. The Promethean head, with its standout fire-red finish and intuitive control design, features a built-in graphic EQ and the unique footswitch-accessible VIBE control for rapid changes between modern and vintage tones.

The Promethean head can be mounted into a combo cabinet or used with any high-quality bass speaker cabinet with the appropriate handling requirements. The full line of Promethean cabinets will be released summer 2009.

The Promethean amplifier is considered a Class D amp. During the operation of a Class D amp, the circuitry is switched either on or off, rather than operated in linear mode. This technology allows for its light weight and compact nature, without sacrificing power. The P5110 Combo weighs only 27.6 lbs (12.8"W x 13.1"H x 14.2"D). The P500H head (11"W x 10.4"D x 2.2"H) alone is only 6.4 lbs.

Feature Overview
•6-band graphic EQ/bass and treble shelving tone controls
•Peak limiting circuit
•Vibe (color) control knob allows both large and incremental changes of tone from vintage to modern bass tones
•2-way Clip Indicator
•Auxiliary input (1/8")
•Balance line out (XLR)
•Phones out, tuner out (1/8")
•Footswitch jack (Mute/Vibe)
•11"W x 10.4"D x 2.2"H
•Weight: 6.4 lbs

For more information on the new Ibanez Promethean amplifiers and other Ibanez products visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com, or call Andy's Music at 251-633-8944.


Peavey Rebate on MAX Series Bass Amplifiers

Peavey is offering up to $30 cash back to U.S. customers who purchase select MAX Series bass amplifiers through a special rebate program.

Customers who purchase a new Peavey MAX 115, MAX 112 or MAX 110 bass combo amplifier from an authorized Peavey retailer between June 1 and July 31, 2009, can qualify to receive $30, $20 or $10 cash back, respectively, for their purchase.

Some restrictions apply, so please visit
www.peavey.com/maxamprebate for complete rules and to download the official rebate form.


New Yamaha NX Nylon String Guitars

Yamaha guitars has announced a new series of acoustic electric nylon string guitars - the NX Series. With the NX range, Yamaha has created something new from the oldest and most traditional guitars, to show that nylon string guitars are no longer just for nylon string players.

The NX Series has six models and includes a choice of NT contemporary thinline or NC traditional body styles, traditional classical or crossover neck profiles, body wood options and spec levels, from the workhorse NTX700 to the handcrafted NCX2000, complete with Yamaha's Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE) technology. This technology gives guitars a more matured sound (as in aged), right out of the box!

Benefiting from Yamaha’s class-leading construction including premium tonewoods, ultra-thin finishes and professional setups, the NX range also features the latest version of the exclusive ART (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) pickup system, in a truly nylon-specific configuration.

Yamaha NX guitars were created to provide a range of performance instruments that not only prove nylon strings are a tone every guitarist should have in their palette, but makes those tones more accessible and usable than ever before.

For more information on Yamaha musical instruments, visit www.AndysMusicOnline.com, or call Andy's Music at 251-633-8944.


Peavey Vypyr Modeling Guitar Amplifiers

The Peavey VYPYR modeling guitar amplifiers - Vypyr 15, Vypyr 30, Vypyr 75 - are some of the most technologically advanced and affordable guitar modeling amplifiers available. The Vypyr guitar amps have double the processing power and effects of competitive modeling amplifiers. These new Peavey modeling guitar amps dramatically redefine the power and scope of modern guitar amplification. VYPYR amplifiers are based on a combination of powerful 32-bit, floating-point SHARC processors and patented TransTube analog circuitry. 

When used with the optional Peavey Sanpera™ II foot controller, the possibilities further expand from 12 in-amp presets to 400 programmable presets, with an on-board looper and more. 

Peavey VYPYR modeling guitar amps also act as their own computer audio interface, with a built-in studio-quality USB 2.0 output on most models. The entire six-model VYPYR Series features the easy-to-use Peavey WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.

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Fender Road Worn Guitars And Basses

Fender Road Worn Series guitars and basses come with a head start on history and bring the guitarist and bassist the best of both worlds—a killer aged design aesthetic that conjures up the ghosts of past music lives, paired perfectly with the modern functionality, playability and high quality that players know to expect from Fender.

Based on classic Fender instruments of the 1950s and ’60s, and production methods invented at the world-renowned Fender Custom Shop, Road Worn instruments reflect the mystic quality of life on the road. The series consists of a ’50s Tele®, ’50s Strat®, ’60s Strat, ’50s Precision Bass® and ’60s Jazz Bass® guitars.

All models feature notably distressed nitrocellulose lacquer-finished bodies and necks, as well as worn chrome hardware (nickel/chrome for basses), to create an aged appearance. Additionally, while the guitars have been designed with period-correct specifications, several modern upgrades have been built into each model, including Tex Mex™ single-coil pickups, larger 6105 frets, and five-way pickup switches (Strat models).

The ’50s Tele features an ash body, maple neck, vintage-style tuning machines and three-saddle strings-thru-body bridge, one-ply white pickguard, and is available in Two-Color Sunburst and Blonde. The ’50s Strat has an alder body, maple neck, vintage-style tuning machines and synchronized tremolo, one-ply pickguard, and is available in Two-Color Sunburst and Black. The ’60s Strat features an alder body, maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, vintage-style tuning machines and synchronized tremolo, three-ply mint green pickguard, and is available in Three-Color Sunburst and Olympic White.

The ’50s Precision Bass has an alder body, maple neck, vintage-style reverse tuning machines and American Vintage bridge, gold anodized aluminum pickguard, and is available in Two-Color Sunburst and Fiesta Red. The ’60s Jazz Bass features an alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, vintage-style reverse tuning machines and American Vintage bridge, four-ply brown shell pickguard, and is available in Three-Color Sunburst and Fiesta Red.

“There’s something magical about a broken-in or worn instrument,” said Justin Norvell, director of marketing, Fender electric guitars. “Many of the musical icons we’ve looked up to for inspiration play road-hardened workhorse guitars, and there’s something very powerful and aspirational in that aesthetic. The new Fender Road Worn series guitars and basses allow players to experience not only the look, vibe and tone of those instruments, but—perhaps most importantly—they have smooth worn-in necks providing the same comfortable feel as vintage instruments.”

Fender Road Worn ’50s Tele, ’50s Strat and ’60s Strat guitars will be available from Andy's Music with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,200; ’50s Precision Bass guitars have a suggested manufacturer’s price of $1,500; ’60s Jazz Bass guitars have a suggested manufacturer’s price of $1,570.

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Ibanez Tube King

When it comes to genuine tube distortion in a stomp box, the Ibanez Tube King TK999HT is “King”. Featuring an actual 12AX7 tube, 3 band EQ and Drive controls along with presence switch, the Tube King generates a wide variety of tones, including thick, singing distortion and outrageous heavy metal distortion.

With its unique VOID function, the TK999HT eliminates noise and helps to create sharp rhythmic expression with heavy distortion. The Tube King is housed in a unique shaped die-cast case with the tube showing through the transparent window, and can make a transistor amp sound like a tube amp.

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Classical Guitar Ibanez G850

The Ibanez G850 classical guitar is an all solid wood guitar that features solid mahogany back and sides, and a solid cedar top. New Spanish joint construction offers greater stability, sustain and overall resonance. The bridge and fingerboard are ebony, and the nut is Ivorex II.

Ivorex II nuts are stronger and more durable than bone and even harder than the original Ivorex. Ivorex II allows brilliant highs and more pronounced lows with less mid-range which makes Ivorex II-fitted guitars perfect for amplification.

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Fender DG8S Acoustic Guitar Pack

The Fender DG-8S acoustic guitar pack features a dreadnought acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top, gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, instructional DVD, strings, picks and strap. A quality starter pack with everything you need that will have you playing in no time.

The Fender DG8S acoustic guitar is crafted from quality woods and components and is designed to provide you years of playing satisfaction and musical enjoyment. Whether you're a beginner player or a working professional musician. It is the embodiment of tone, value and quality that you will appreciate with each passing note for years to come. Natural finish only.

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Peavey Tour 700 and Tour 450 Bass Heads

The Peavey Tour Series 700 and 450 bass amplifier heads, are a pair of high-powered workhorses featuring highly specialized EQ, built-in octave synth/divider, direct out with phantom power backup and patented SmartRail technology.

Tour Series bass amplifier heads offer extensive tone shaping through a nine-band graphic equalization configured so its frequency bands are spaced on “musical” frequencies. Peavey engineers adjusted the EQ centers so users can bring better definition to the low frequencies with ease. These amps also include a Peavey-exclusive analog octave synth/divider with level control and footswitchable bypass that adds an extra note one octave lower than the original n0te, creating textures and enriching the bottom end.

In addition, the XLR-equipped direct out allows traditional patching to a front-of-house or studio mixer, but features fail safe phantom power backup that will send a flat signal through the house P.A. or studio console. For more information on the Peavey Tour series bass amplifiers, visit the music instrument music store at www.AndysMusicOnline.com.


Ibanez Guitars - Acoustic Exotic Wood Guitars

What makes a true work of art? The beauty of the craftsmanship? The detail of the lines and curves? The subtlety of the color and hue? Probably all of the above, but the most important aspect is that connection with an audience, the spark that speeds up the heartbeat and ignites the imagination. You won’t find anything quite like the Ibanez Exotic Wood acoustic guitars, even among guitars that are much more expensive.

The Exotic wood Ibanez acoustic guitars look beautiful enough for gallery display and yet are ready for any type of gig. Now, that’s an artistic accomplishment. The junior member of the Exotic Wood family, the EWC features a body that's smaller and shallower than the original EWs. The new EWC30ASE features a quilted ash top and the EWC30PDE’s padauk top is finished in resonant low gloss.

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Yamaha Guitars
New CPX500 and APX500FM Models

Excellent craftsmanship, handsome appointments, sonic quality, and easy action are the hallmarks of the new Yamaha APX500FM, CPX500 and CPX500FM acoustic-electric guitars, which will be introduced at Winter NAMM 2008. These three new guitar entries, a perfect fit for beginners through professionals, are ideal choices for rock, blues, roots or country styles alike.

The new models feature standout sound quality and craftsmanship that is virtually untouchable at these price points—largely due to the fact that they are manufactured in Yamaha owned and operated facilities that adhere to many of the same standards and practices as the company's high end handcrafted line.

"These are rich-sounding guitars for a variety of players, from the intermediate to experienced musicians, regardless of the musical style," said Dennis Webster, marketing manager, Yamaha Guitars.

The APX500FM, a thin-line acoustic-electric, is a flamed maple top version of the successful Yamaha APX500. It also features eastern mahogany back and sides, die-cast tuners, and the proprietary System55T preamp which includes Yamaha's workhorse 1-way piezo pickup, 3-band EQ, adjustable midrange control and onboard tuner.

The CPX500 is a Yamaha Compass (medium jumbo) model with a Spruce top, eastern mahogany back and sides, die-cast tuners and System55T preamp, and is the full bodied "big brother" to the APX500 model. The CPX500FM features a flamed maple top.

"The APX thin-line acoustic electric series has always been a successful line for Yamaha Guitars and now, due to popular demand, we are offering new APX and Compass 500 models featuring beautiful flame maple tops, exceptional craftsmanship, and super-comfortable neck profiles at unbelievable prices," said Armando Vega, product manager, Yamaha Guitars.

The CPX500, CPX500FM and APX500FM performance electric acoustic guitars are expected to ship in spring 2008.

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Yamaha Tyros 2 Digital Keyboard

The Yamaha TYROS2 is a 61-key digital keyboard bursting with innovation, and obliterates the limits faced by traditional electronic keyboards. The Tyros2 has a host of new features which will satisfy both the home player and the most demanding professional. The Tyros2 has to be one of the most powerful digital keyboards ever.

The Yamaha Tyros 2 is a never-ending source of inspiration for playing, recording, learning, creating and performing. The richly expressive, authentic sounds and the powerful, dynamic rhythm of the Tyros2 set your creative juices flowing like no other instrument. With the intelligent, easy-to-use performance features and the new audio recording functions, Tyros2 is a treasure chest of inspiration for all your musical applications–from songwriting and demo recording to arranging and live performance. Yamaha Tyros 2: inspired by nature, perfected by technology, created for your personal inspiration.

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Fender Guitars

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is the world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars, amplifiers and related equipment since 1946. The Fender name has become synonymous with all things rock ‘n’ roll. Iconic Fender® instruments such as the Telecaster®, Stratocaster®, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars are known worldwide as the instruments that started the rock revolution, and they continue to be highly prized by today’s guitarists and collectors.

Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues and many others. Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world’s most acclaimed artists and performers have used Fender guitars and amps. Legendary Fender guitars like the Telecaster® and Stratocaster® guitars and Precision® and Jazz® bass guitars are universally acclaimed as design classics.


Yamaha Guitar - Special Price RGX520FZ $299.99!

The Yamaha RGX520FZ electric guitar has hard-edge design and ultimate playability. It's a true double-cutaway set neck guitar with features and appointments typically found only on custom guitars. The Yamaha RGX520FZ electric guitar has a gorgeous figured maple top on a solid mahogany body, a custom inlay at the 12th fret, and a beautiful translucent finish.

Ever since Yamaha started making electric guitars back in the 1960s, the company has invested heavily in continuous research and development to translate guitarists’ needs into instruments of uncompromising quality, at whatever price point. Yamaha spends a tremendous amount of time working with guitarists of all musical persuasions, and by refining the features and performance characteristics that inspire these artists, they ensure that Yamaha guitars - which cover a wide spectrum of designs and applications - satisfy the needs of contemporary players everywhere.


BOSS Cube Street Amp For Traveling Musicians

CUBE Street - The Ultimate Amp for Traveling Musicians

If you’re a musician who’s on the move, the new CUBE Street is for you. Whether you’re running to a rehearsal, lesson, street gig, or any situation that requires portability and versatility, the CUBE Street is a battery-powered marvel that’s ready to travel fast. The CUBE Street sounds amazing and is capable of high-volume output thanks to dual (or two) digital power amps and a pair of high-performance neodymium speakers. And just wait until you hear the built-in effects and amp models!

Compact, lightweight stereo amplifier with slanted cabinet design
Two high-performance 6.5” neodymium speakers
Battery driven (6 x AA, maximum 15-hour continuous use)
Dual-channel architecture with Guitar/Inst and Mic/Line inputs
8 COSM® AMPs, 6 digital effects, and chromatic tuner built in
2-band EQ, Delay/Reverb for the Mic/Line-channel
AC Adaptor included


Fender Squier Guitar Packages

Fender Squier guitars introduce four new Stop Dreaming, Start Playing guitar packs that give aspiring guitarists and bassists everything they need to get started in one cool and convenient guitar package.

First up are two guitar sets: the Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Affinity Strat® HSS with Bullet® 150 DSP Amp and the Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Affinity Strat HSS with G-DEC® Junior Amp. Both sets feature a great sounding, sweet-looking and easy-playing Fender Squier Affinity Strat guitar with a humbucking bridge pickup. The former includes our two-channel Bullet 150 DSP 15-watt amp with digital effects, auxiliary input and headphone jack; the latter includes the 15-watt Fender G-DEC Junior guitar amp with loads of amp types, effects, backing loops, auxiliary input, headphone jack and many other cool features.

Next up are two bass packs: the Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Affinity P Bass® with Rumble™ 15 Amp and the Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Affinity J Bass® with Rumble 15 Amp. Both feature the compact but punchy 15-watt Rumble 15 bass amp. The former includes the tough Squire Affinity Precision Bass® guitar; the latter features the Squier Affinity Jazz Bass® guitar. These Fender bass packs offer a lot of boom for your buck!

Also check out Squier’s two other new guitar packs, the Affinity Strat® Special/Fender Frontman Amp® 15G and the SE Special/Squier SP-10 Amp, both of which include a guitar, amp, stereo headphones, instructional DVD, guitar cable, tuner, gig bag, strap and picks.

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Fender G-DEC Guitar Amp Wins Award

The Music Trades magazine has awarded Fender its coveted “Product of the Year” for the company’s G-DEC amplifier, as announced in the April 2006 issue.

The Fender G-DEC (Guitar Digital Entertainment Center) is Fender’s wildly successful new guitar amplifier that features digital reproductions of various amps and effects, plus onboard drum loops, bass lines and many other features that represent a quantum leap forward in the technology of learning and practicing the guitar.

According to Music Trades, selecting the Product of the Year “has often been a difficult task, given the number of creative minds at work within our business.”

“This year however, you made it relatively simple. In terms of impact, Fender’s creation of the G-DEC is momentous and a logical choice for Product of the Year. We feel that one of our roles as a trade paper is to honor those who have enriched the industry. So it is a pleasure to be able to accord a small tribute to a product that has fostered the creative process and provided a source of profit to retailers.”

The G-DEC joins an impressive list of Music Trades Product of the Year winners. Last year, for example, the award went to the popular GarageBand™ home recording software system by Apple Computers Inc.

“When we consider the company we are in and the other fine products that have previously won this award, we can only say that we are honored to be held in such high esteem,” said Shane Nicholas, marketing manager for Fender amplifiers. “We owe thanks to everyone involved, including our design team, our dealers and, of course, the huge number of guitarists around the world who have made the G-DEC the success that it is.”

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Fender Guitars

In 1951 Leo Fender introduced a prototype solid-body guitar that would eventually be called the Fender Telecaster guitar. The Fender Tele, as it was often called then and still is today, was the first solid-body Spanish-style electric guitar to be commercially mass-produced. As a result of this humble beginning, Fender guitars are one of the most popular brands in the world today.

The Fender Stratocaster first appeared in 1954, and incorporated many design innovations based on feedback from professional musicians, Fender staff and Leo Fender himself. The Strat's third single-coil pickup offered more tonal possibilities than the two on the Tele, and its sleekly contoured body made it more comfortable. The double cutaway design of the Stratocaster made access to upper registers much easier.

Nobody could have foreseen then how the Fender Stratocaster would go on to revolutionize popular music. Essentially unchanged since its 1954 debut, the Strat is the most popular and influential Fender electric guitar ever, and players at all levels and in all genres continue to rely on its sound, playability and versatility to this day.



BOSS FBM-1 Fender Bassman Pedal

Fender amps of the ’50s and ’60s are beloved and coveted by guitarists around the world. Thanks to BOSS’ technology and tone know-how, the new BOSS FBM-1 guitar effects pedal brings the natural, fat, rich, bright tone of the Fender Bassman to a BOSS pedal.

In conjunction with Fender, the new BOSS FBM-1 guitar effects pedal recreates the legendary tone of the 1959 Fender Bassman amplifier. Features include the same controls on the original Bassman: Presence, Treble, Mid, and Bass EQ controls. The FBM-1 also functions perfectly as a “pre-gain pedal” placed before an already overdriven amp to add the tone character of the Bassman.



BOSS DS 1 - Boss DS 1 Distortion

The BOSS DS 1 guitar effects pedal provides a harder distortion effect for guitar and keyboard sounds. Instead of toneless, fuzzy distortion, the DS 1 distortion faithfully reproduces all the subtle nuances of your playing dynamics, from whisper-quiet to screaming loud. The onboard Tone control allows you to tailor the overall sound to your liking.

Beyond standard effects, BOSS is famous for its unique and unusual stomp boxes, such as the SG-1 Slow Gear, VB-2 Vibrato, and, most recently, the SYB-5 analog modeling bass synthesizer pedal. It’s no accident that BOSS has become the world’s leading effects manufacturer. With over eight million pedals sold, BOSS has built its reputation by connecting with the community. They listen and react to what players demand, while also pushing the envelope into new, unexplored realms.



Edirol R09 WAV/MP3 Digital Recorder

The Edirol R09 is perfect for capturing live music events, recitals, and rehearsals. It’s also handy as a songwriter’s sketchpad, ensuring that no moment of inspiration is lost. But the R09 has many valuable uses outside of the music world as well. Students can use it to record lectures. Broadcasters and journalists can throw away their antiquated cassette recorders and use the R09 for in-the-field interviews. Wherever, whenever there’s a need to capture audio, the R09 can do it hassle-free thanks to its built-in microphone and long battery operation.

The R09 is perfect for capturing live music events, recitals, and rehearsals. It’s also handy as a songwriter’s sketchpad, ensuring that no moment of inspiration is lost. But the R09 has many valuable uses outside of the music world as well. Students can use it to record lectures. Broadcasters and journalists can throw away their antiquated cassette recorders and use the R09 for in-the-field interviews. Wherever, whenever there’s a need to capture audio, the R09 can do it hassle-free thanks to its built-in microphone and long battery operation.


Guitar Trainer, MP3 Player - New Tascam MP-GT1

The new Tascam MP-GT1 guitar trainer is the first MP3 player designed for musicians. Based on the award-winning CD-GT1mkII, this fun mobile guitar trainer includes enough memory to store up to 240 songs. Guitar parts can be slowed down, looped and even eliminated to help you learn new riffs. Play back MP3s using Variable Speed Audition, which slows down the speed without changing the pitch, and sections can be seamlessly looped while practicing tricky passages. Songs can even be pitched up or down to match the tuning of your guitar, so you don't have to re-tune for every song.

Tascam MP-GT1 Guitar Trainer Features:
240-song memory capacity (based on average 4-minute MP3 encoded at 128kbps)
Variable Speed Audition changes the speed of the MP3 playback without changing the pitch
Pitch control in 1% steps so you don't have to re-tune
Seamless looping for practicing tricky passages
High-impedance 1/4" guitar input
Guitar multi-effects include overdrive, distortion, delay, flange, reverb and more
Guitar Cancel effect eliminates the guitar part from the recorded song so you can play along
Built-in tuner, oscillator and metronome
1/8" Headphone output
Built-in rechargeable battery with 9-hour reserve
128x64 graphic LCD display
USB jack
Auto Power Off and Hold function



Ibanez Guitar - New RG370DXGP2 Ibanez Electric

The new RG370DXGP2 Ibanez electric features a flawless double-locking trem system so you can create radical effects and sonic chaos with total tuning stability. The Edge III tremolo design provides strength and tuning stability even under the most demanding playing conditions. The Ibanez Infinity III and IV pickups give you more bite and chunk with balanced string output. To complete the package, you get the 24-fret, thin Wizard II neck with jumbo frets, and a basswood body for great tone. This Ibanez guitar screams "play me"!

The new Ibanez RG370DXGP2 guitar is part of the Ibanez RG series, and for two decades the RG electric guitar has reigned as the unquestioned monarch of metal guitars. The Ibanez RG370DXGP2 has the perfect combination of fast, flat neck, the right pickups and pickup placement, and precision tremolo system to dole out creative destruction.


BOSS Effect Pedals - New FBM-1 And FDR-1

Winter NAMM 2007 - Fender amps of the ’50s and ’60s are beloved and coveted by guitarists around the world. Thanks to BOSS’ technology and tone know-how, the new FBM-1 brings the natural, fat, rich, bright tone of the Fender Bassman to a BOSS pedal. In conjunction with Fender, the new BOSS FBM-1 recreates the legendary tone of the 1959 Fender Bassman. Features include the same controls on the original Bassman: Presence, Treble, Mid, and Bass EQ controls. The FBM-1 also functions perfectly as a “pre-gain pedal” placed before an already overdriven amp to add the tone character of the Bassman.

Recreates the legendary tone of the 1959 Fender Bassman amp
Additional BRIGHT IN provides a brighter sound, similar to the original Bassman
Presence, Treble, Mid and Bass EQ controls
Road-tough BOSS metal construction
Perfect pre-gain pedal for adding or retaining Fender tone color

The second new BOSS effect pedal in the Legend Series is the FDR-1, based on the Fender 1965-era Deluxe Reverb — a coveted tube amp known for its natural touch-responsive and distinctive snappy overdriven sound. In conjunction with Fender, BOSS designed this stompbox to recreate the legendary tone of the 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. Features include the same controls on the original Deluxe Reverb: Level, Gain, Treble, Bass, Vibrato and Reverb. The FDR-1 also functions perfectly as a “pre-gain pedal” placed before an already overdriven amp to add the tone character of the Deluxe Reverb.

Recreates the legendary tone of the 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb guitar amp
Level, Gain, Treble, Bass, Vibrato and Reverb controls
Road-tough BOSS metal construction
Perfect pre-gain pedal for adding or retaining Fender tone color


Samson C01U USB Mic

The Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser Mic is the first affordable studio condenser mic with a direct USB output.

With the C01U USB mic, musicians who record music on computers have a simple, affordable way to capture high-quality vocal and acoustic instrument performances. Seamless integration was the idea, and it was obtained by creating a studio condenser microphone that can be plugged into any computer with no in/out boxes, no expensive computer pre-amps, just a USB cable. If you need a hand held mic, check out the new Samson Q1U here.

The C01U condenser microphone is based on the successful C01. It features a 19mm internal shock mounted diaphragm with a cardioid pick up pattern ensuring pristine studio quality recordings. The Samson C01U works perfectly on any computer, Mac or PC, and with any DAW software program. It immediately solves a huge problem for users of many laptops, many of which have no other input method for audio devices. The new Samson C01U USB mic is well within the price range of DAW hobbyists and beginners.